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Restrictor Plate Clone Engines Big Pipe and Silencer 

Restrictor Plate Clone Engines Little Pipe and Silencer

Updating your existing engine is an option, call for pricing.

After 4500 dyno pulls, I've learned if you want absolutely the best power available, the entire engine MUST be tuned as a system, not just assembled from good components.  I personally prepare them by hand using the best known components at the time of build and set them to the ARKA or NKA rules package.  These racing engines are truly race ready.  Bolt them to your motor mount, add your clutch, connect the fuel line and throttle cable then go race.

Every engine comes complete with dyno print out, instuction sheet and recommended gearing chart.

Package Includes:

Fully Machined Seasoned Block Set to Near Zero Piston Pop-up.

Engine cc Set to Legal Limit

Max Stroke Crankshaft

ACR Billet 6619 Flywheel

ARC Billet Intake

Performance Cast Rod

Lightest Legal Weight Piston

Blueprinted Ring Package

BSP3 Cam, Cam Timing Set to My Specs

RPE Fully Blueprinted Carb Fine Tuned to this Engine.

Ignition Timing Set to Achieve Maximum Power in the "on-track" RPM Range

Best Head Casting at Time of Build

Valve springs Matched Specifically for this Engine

3 stage header with RLV silencer complete with heat shielding and support bracket

Top Plate, Fuel pump, and throttle linkage.

ARC tall chain guard/heat shield add

Indicate whether you will be using a pull starter or an electric starter

Don't need the RLV muffler, subtract $35

Don't need the Chain Guard, subtract $20