Derrick Lahr

Age: 10

Home Track: Selinsgrove Raceway Park

Class: Jr Cage 2

Engine: Purple Plate Pro BSP Clone

2016 Feature Wins at Penns Creek Raceway 

2015 Track Champion Jr1 Sellinsgrove Raceway Park

Jeff Watson

Age: 11

Home Track: Slippery Rock 

Class: Jr2, Jr3

Engine: Box Stock Purple Plate Clone

2016 Slippery Rock Track Champion, Winner of the "Big One" at Race-1 in Jr2 2016 

Jac NIckles 

Age: 11

Home Track: Cridersville Speedway

Class: Jr 3

Engine: Blue PLate Clone

2016 Cridersville Track Champion

Home of Exceptional Restrictor Plate Engines

2017 Team Drivers.  These drivers are sponsored by RPE.    If you'd like to inquire about a position as a team driver, see the sponsorship tab. 

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Jacob Lunsford

Age: 13

Home Tracks: Kam Raceway in Hastings Nebraska, 

Litchfield Speedway, Litchfield Nebraska

Classes: Jr2,

Engines: Purple Plate BSP Clone
2016 2nd Place Points Kam Raceway 

Abby Myers

Age: 15

Home Tracks: Race-1 Speedway

Class: Jr 3

Engine: Blue Plate Pro BSP Clone

2016 3rd Place Points Race -1 Speedway

Chase Ezzyk

Age: 10

Home Track: GVAT

Class: Jr Cage 2 

Engine: Blue Plate Animal

2016 2nd Place Jr1 Point Standings at GVAT

Kolton Stroup

Age: 10

Home Track: Slippery Rock

Class: Jr2

Engine: Purple Plate BSP Clone

​2016 2nd Place Points Slippery Rock 

Prestyn Brown

Age: 12

Home Tracks: GVAT, Selinsgrove Raceway Park

Classes: Rookie Cage 2, Junior Restricted

Engines: Purple Plate Pro BSP Clone, Blue Plate Animal, Gold Plate Animal

2016 Track Champion Jr3 at GVAT