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The 2019 season is well underway.  Here at RPE we are geared up and ready, are you?  If you've got you sights set on a dominating the competition at your local track, or chasing a travelling series, the best thing you can do is get your driver on an RPE prepared power-plant.  Attention to detail, first rate customer service, and almost a decade of clone engine building experience combine to put you on top of the podium where you belong.   Remember, I want you to win! 

​​My Specialty

Set to exacting tolerances, precision tuned on my water-brake dyno, and compared to existing race winning engines,  you can be sure this is the winning engine for your racing efforts.


Located in Northeastern Pa, I am dedicated to the preparation of 4 stroke kart engines.  Dyno testing, engine building, and machining are my core services.

Home of Exceptional Restrictor Plate Engines

"superior speed because of science"


Animal and Clone Restrictor Plate Kart Engines, it's what I do, it's what I know.  Over 1,500 dyno runs and 5 years worth of tuning has taught me the secrets to preparing some of the most powerful and durable restricted engines. 

570 704 8760