The Ultimate Combination

Package a ported head and blueprinted carburetor together for simply the best bolt on HP increase you can have for the DIYer.  I get it, you like to tinker, put the research I've done on the flowbench and dyno to work for you.   This package includes an airfilter adapter, carburetor, restrictor plate, phenolic spacer, and complete ported cylinder head (including valves, springs retainers, correctly shimmed, and gaskets).  

This combination comes to you already run on the dyno to verify performance.  Essentially you remove your head, and torque down this head and carb,  set valve lash, reinstall your exhaust, and install your airfilter.

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Rebuild or Refresh Your Existing Engine

Nothing lasts forever, and peak performance isn't something you want to lose.  So when its time to breath some new life into your tired kart engine RPE can handle the job.   Oversize boring, valve work, valve seat cutting, decking blocks and machining heads are all done in house to ensure that the end result is chasing perfection.  After reassembly each engine goes through a leak down test and is then dyno tuned for maximum power.  Specific engine information including dyno printouts are provided to show gains and help you dial in gearing by knowing at what rpm you're making the most power. 

This service takes your existing engine and updates it to current RPE standards.


Blue printed Plate specific carburetors

Unlike other blueprinted carbs , a RPE carb doesn't spew out black soot at idle, and your plug reading will be something other than black.  My carbs are Jetted to provide super strong throttle response, a hard to beat shot out front under the green flag, and a crisp top end at wide open throttle.  These are plate AND pipe specific, and provide the most HP when matched to a ported head.  

Cylinder Head Porting

Porting specific to the plate you specify (green, purple or blue) matched with a 30°, 45° & 60° valve job is proven to improve flow over the stock casting by as much as 5% at given valve lifts.  This is no seat-of-the-pants estimate, this is proven by data collected on the flowbench and HP increases on the dyno.   On a fully race prepared purple plate engine with big pipe, expect to see a honest  .4-.5 hp increase over the stock "as-cast" head, while moving where peak HP occurs higher in the RPM range.  Valve springs are chosen and shimmed appropriately for your cam, plate class, and target rpm.   New ported heads starting at $90, call for options and details.   

DYNO Tuning

Tuning?  Dyno time is $80/hr.  You get, me, my dyno, all the data you could ever need plus my professional advice.