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My name is Chris Radvanyi.  My father was a Snap-On tool dealer.  At age 13, I rebuilt my first engine by myself, a 1981 KX125.  I rode that bike for 2 more summers.  In 2002 I won 250B Harescrambles in District 6.  I still ride, in fact last summer (2018) I finished second place overall in District 6 in the Senior B class in Harescrambles.  That's me #60.   So much mud last year.  Living the mountains of northern PA, I'm also a huge winter sports enthusiast.  

When I'm not in my shop, on the bike or in the mountains, I spend my days as a Design Engineer in research center of Inter Metro Industries.  Back in 2015 I was granted a US Patent for the design of a mobile computing platform in the Medical Industry (US Patent # 20160015167).   I am a father, a husband, an engineer, an AKRA certified tech inspector, a passionate engine preparer, and one competitive SOB.  When it comes to my racing engines, I chase perfection.  

I excel at restrictor plate karting engines.   There is simply nobody who spends or who has spent as much time on them as I do.  It's my thing.  It's all I do.  It's what I like.  More importantly, I like the drivers who race them.  Few things are better than the smile you get from a young driver who just earned their first win. 

My shop is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Among all the tooling and equipment I own, a few are most noteworthy.


Firstly is my Stuska water brake dyno, outfitted with an electronic load cell and electronic speed sensor.  Information is sent directly to a computer running Performance Trends Pro version 4.1 software.   This piece of equipment has proven invaluable, as of March 2019 I have logged 4,614 dyno pulls on various karting engines. 

Secondly is my SuperFlow SF-60 flow bench.  This addition in Jan of 2017 has brought more in-depth analysis to what the dyno already knows.  Now carbs, head casting, and port work can be flowed before dyno time to ensure outstanding results. 

My Bridgeport Milling machine doesn't disappoint .  I have fabricated my own fixturing and tooling allowing me to machine the engines I prepare to exacting specs. 

I am small enough to put my personal passion into each engine that comes through my shop, but I am big enough to own the right equipment to get the job done perfectly.

Who am I?

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